Destroy the symbol

Destroy the symbol

Contra sus mentiras | Autor: | 14.9.2014

Destroy the symbol

by Sebastian Vera

Original text:

The events developed during the last few months in eastern Ukraine had gain attention worldwide, at least for a few moments (or maybe it’s already a struggle so sustained in time that it’s already perceived by the public opinion like something normal, unfortunately). There are a lot of interpretations or analysis that can be made about the political undertone (because there is no such thing as an ideological one, in the most pure sense of the expression), and even “examinations” about the external aspects of the matter can be done, although they eventually would be unimportant, but anyway, they are being done and had been done. In cases like this, the worst thing that one can do is to make comments based on information provided by news agencies that are dependant of other interest, or even worst, based on the aesthetics of one of the parts (yes, there are actually people that do that).

The dispute between Ukraine and Russia (or better said, ethnic Russians, considering that the Russian State hasn`t intervened in favour of the pro-Russian militias or at least not openly) for the south-eastern Ukrainian regions wouldn’t be more than another expression of the always current confrontation between talasocratic and telurocratic powers (about this, I’m going to be honest: I personally adhere to what is expressed by mister Alexander Dugin in relation to the creation of a multipolar world against the unipolar order, ruled by the ultimate atlantist power, the USA, but this is not what matters this time) if it were not because one of the belligerent parts in this process had, during the time of the semi-popular revolution to throw down the government and on the present times in the armed conflict, Ukrainian nationalist and adherents to Fascism/National socialism in their lines, belonging these to the nationalist party Svoboda and the more extreme Pravy Sektor, and in present times to the Azov Battalion.

I, as an Identitarian and not a nationalist in the classic sense, I can’t but compare the situation of Ukraine with the reality of my country, Chile. Ukraine is a country whose borders were adulterated (and progressively conformed until nowadays limits), principally during it’s submission to the Soviet Union. Decisions about boundaries were merely managerial, no ethnic factor was took in consideration. So, I think the question here is pretty simple: what’s wrong about the fact that ethnic Russians feel the desire to reunite once again with their motherland of origin, from which they were deprived by events completely alien to their will, forced to live inside a merely bureaucratic and administrative entity called Ukraine (that, although has population that is, ethnically speaking, Ukrainian, also contains a population that doesn’t recognize itself as Ukrainian due to the simple fact that it isn’t)?

Until there all is fine, but then what is the reason of so much hatred towards pro-Russian o so much love towards Ukrainian troops? I dare to say that is simply because of the utilization of the latest of neo-Nazi symbols. As simple as that. But of course this has it’s limits only on symbols because I just can’t understand how a “nationalist” can demand his own country, even through violence, to join the European Union and to accept a “disinterested” lending from the International Monetary Fund, just because of a historical despise towards Russia. Of what kind of National socialist are we talking about if, at the expense of racial links between different European peoples, discords due to old border problems or even damages inflicted by the Communist regime (by the way, not only to Ukrainians but also to Russians), are considered far more important? We are in presence of an inconsequence of the dimensions of an Antonov.

This is not about supporting Russia. In fact, it has absolutely nothing to do with that, although considering my opinion about geopolitics, as I said before. It’s not about supporting Vladimir Putin either. However, one has to consider the fact that Russian society, (together with another ones also from eastern Europe) is one of the last European traditionalist bastions left and that Putin can, almost without trouble, stand against the leaders of the globalizing Liberalism.

A lot of things can be said (and in fact, there are said) concerning this. Yes, Putin banned Nazi propaganda and symbology. So what? Bold “kids” will have to stop playing at being soldiers and start to make stuff that is really useful?

Putin has sat to dialogue with representatives of Israel. So what? He should have exterminated all the Jews from the planet in order to gain sympathy from such a distinguished, serious, productive and educated public such as neo-Nazis? These people forgets that Azov Battalion is financed directly by the Jewish oligarch Kolomoiski, besides not considering the concept of realpolitik or the fact that foreign relations are kept, at least at first and formally, through dialogue (yes, I know it sounds much more evil, misanthropic and masculine saying that resurrected SS legions should be dispatched to Israel in order to thrash it through blood and fire so that National socialism can rise again once more covered in glory and military trumpets, but well, we live in a planet called Earth and in a plane named “reality”).


Sure, it can always be said that nationalist among the Ukrainian troops are the only ones among all the Ukrainian troops that are not under the command of international interests (yeah, right) and the only thing they want to do is to establish a Fascist-like government. They are doing it pretty well, doing the part of cannon fodder for the interest of USA and of international finance. The murder of one of the leaders of Pravy Sektor at the hands of Ukrainian government agents shows that they are only being useful fools. I dare to say that Dugin at this point is right: or you are in favour of a multipolar world or of a unipolar one, and between those two options, there’s no political ideology that can make any difference.

that Europeans are killing each other, because I think that unity between racial brothers is the most important thing that has to be kept in mind so to avoid bloody events from happening again. The thing is that the wish for a heroic death by the followers of any kind of Fascism many times makes people so anxious to die that they look for death at any cost as long as they can be buried wrapped in a flag with a swastika on it, in middle of the honourable corpses of dead comrades, so they can show so much their loyalty to Thor that he will allow them to drink with Odin some beers in Walhalla, that are capable of self-immolate so that the IMF can expand it’s tentacles even more.

We are not in presence of a struggle to defend the white race or to defend any ideology from the past. We are in presence of a supreme manifestation of ignorance (or stubbornness, according to the case), of fetishism (the wish to wear an uniform with National socialist symbols, no matter if you serve indirectly to international money power) and of the prevalence of the Jacobin concept of “nation” instead one sustained by Identitarians.


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