Identitas/Círculo de Investigaciones PanCriollistas

Identitas/Círculo de Investigaciones PanCriollistas


Softcover. 200 pages.

“This is a valuable little book serving as an indispensable introduction into a voluminous work of hundreds of German Revolutionary Conservative thinkers and their contemporary followers.”

Dr. Tomislav Sunic

“Tudor separates the distinctive theories that make up right-wing movements from the chaos of public opinion surrounding them, and reveals how they share a common origin and ideal in identitarianism.”

Brett Stevens,


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The German Conservative Revolution: An Introduction

Arthur Moeller van den Bruck: Foundations for a Revolutionary Conservatism

Othmar Spann: Philosophy of the True State

Hans Freyer: The Quest for Collective Meaning

The Revolutionary Conservative Critique of Oswald Spengler

The Philosophy of Identity: Ethnicity, Culture, and Race in Identitarian Thought

From the German Conservative Revolution to the New Right

Thoughts and Reflections on the Future of Our Struggle: A dialogue with Lucian Tudor

Some advance praise for ‘From the German Conservative Revolution to the New Right’.

«Lucian Tudor is one of the most lucid and interesting writers on the subject of the Conservative Revolution and the “New Right” working in English today. Having avoided the many distractions and hang-ups (such as race, capitalism, and outmoded political ideologies) which tend to dominate Rightist discourse in the Anglophone world, Tudor presents the truly radical strain of thought which emerged in Europe in the twentieth century and continues to grow and develop, but remains largely unknown in English – and which could not even be called ‘Right-wing’ in the usual sense. Lucian aptly shows that a truly revolutionary movement that wishes to preserve the legacy of Western civilization must first prepare the ground by providing a solid cultural and intellectual foundation for this effort, rooted in a sense of communal identity, and yet questioning all the assumptions on which our civilization currently rests. It must also be willing to engage with ideas that are both Rightist and Leftist in nature, transcending both. The essays in this book are an ideal introduction to this current of thought and some of its most prominent figures. Digest and apply its lessons.«

John Morgan, Arktos.

«Lucian Tudor is well known in New Right and Identitarian circles, and has written several important articles. With the anthology From the German Conservative Revolution to the New Right Tudor focuses on the important aspect of historical continuity. His thesis is that the ideas of Identitarianism are basically the same as the ideas of the New Right, and that the New Right is the heir to the German Conservative Revolution. He presents this thesis in a convincing way, and at the same time introduces the thinkers of the Conservative Revolution. In several interesting and inspiring essays Tudor describes the thought of well-known Conservative Revolutionaries such as Moeller van den Bruck, Oswald Spengler and Carl Schmitt, but also lesser-known figures such as Othmar Spann, Hans Freyer and Hans Zehrer. In doing this, Tudor presents a fresh and holistic alternative to liberalism, multiculturalism and egalitarianism. He also demonstrates the ability of the Conservative Revolutionaries to combine old and new elements in an effective synthesis. The anthology is well-written, interesting and important, and should be of great value to Identitarians and other enemies of the modern World.»

Joakim Andersen, Motpol





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